Accounting Software

a_sWhat is Accounting Software
Accounting Software is application software that records,handles, and processes accounting transactions professionally. Accounting SOftware is often part of extensive huge application called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
ClickNet Accounting Software summarizes the accounts of the organization and allows the registration of all papers that lead to the extraction of financial statements show the actual financial position of the institution all of its terms of assets and liabilities. The system allows analysis of expenditure and income compared with discretionary budgets and previous periods, making it possible to identify centers of profit and loss and take necessary corrective decisions. Accounting Software System offers a set of financial reports and queries that will help in achieving specific profit more of the institution. ClickNet Accounting Software Main features

Encode the user manual calculations and manual cost centers according to his needs with the ability to divide for several levels of directory tree.
Multi companies and Multi-branches and also Multi- currencies.
Multi-user system with secured multi-level.
The system allows multiple assistance and diary extracts the diary reports and analytical total.
The system allows extraction of the final accounts (operating account – trading account – profit and loss account) and the balance sheet at any time of the year.
System integrated with the rest of the other sub-systems (such as Stock Control system – Sales and customer Accountings – Purshasing – vendor accounts).
Ability to transfer accounts and merge.
An integrated database for customers and suppliers of the company includes the names, telephones, fax numbers, addresses, and those officials for ease of communication and follow-up.
Linking clients to facilitate region-specific follow-up sales and collection.
Simplified summary of the latest operations were at the account of the client.
Monthly summary of sales and repayments made on the customer’s account during the year.
Monthly summary of purchases and payments made to a particular resource during the fiscal year.
Accounting software detailed different types of reports about all accounting operations.