e_cE What is ecommerce?
E-commerce or electronic commerce (EC) is the process of carrying out commercial transactions in a virtual economic – through the Internet. Every company needs a dynamic store for a good site and in e-commerce environment, the requirement of a successful business is dynamic website are capable of handling all commercial transactions. E-commerce involves buying and selling products or services via the Internet. Electronic commerce is the best option voted for online sales given that this is an industry of one billion dollars with the store owner’s online endless online buyers. Various reasons can be attributed. People have easy access to the Internet. They can very easily make a comparative study of the products they intend to buy without going anywhere. More when they buy online, they get good business. Or stores ecommerce online you can see something that is sold, even across the world. This makes a better turnover Ecommerceoption is that you do not need to leave your house especially since the lifestyle everyone has been busy these days. Ecommerce vendors also benefit in a big way. The main advantage of having a store of electronic commerce for online sales is the amount of investment it takes is a little less compared to a brick and mortar store. When you configure a store, you must invest in interior design, rent, staff, electricity, water and other things. Marketing your new online shop on the Internet is a cost-effective. In addition, there are many methods of online marketing such as direct mail, online ads, social networking sites, banner advertising, PPC marketing and more. In this process, it is possible to reach your customers, updating them on the latest offers and profits increase dramatically.

Ecommerce Importance
In this economic environment, no company wants to overhead and waste logistics. Electronic commerce is a flexible and reliable business where products and services can be bought and sold while sitting in the comfort of your room – Now that’s e-revolution. ClickNet offers one of the e-commerce solutions the most robust industry. Some of the main advantages of adopting an ecommerce solution ClickNet are: * Businesses – non-stop business transaction – even when you sleep. * Coverage of global customers – Web sites is comprehensive and can be accessed via the Internet anywhere in the world. * Rapid & uniform information – Unlike a traditional store, an online store is able to deliver quickly * Automated transactions – e-commerce solutions are fully integrated with payment and Accounting gateways leading to a fully automated trading * Improved customer satisfaction – Customers have easy access to customer service. * Improved visibility Web – Websites e-commerce Search Engine Friendly – greater chance for your company to be viewed on the web