HR Software

hrHR Software importance HR Software or The human resources management system of the most important systems that HR departments in various organizations rely on in the planning of the workforce which, as well as the completion of the transactions and administrative procedures that occur on its staff starting of the appointment and the end of the retirement or termination of employment and by providing an accurate database for all the staff of the organization In addition to speed and facilitate the completion of the transactions relating to those staff making it easier to reduce the trading chart.

HR Software additional features :

Automation of the laws and regulations are easily handled and applied.
Manage recruitment and appointment.
Vacations types (patients – a regular – casual)
Register leaving and late permissions.
Registration of employee data, experience and qualifications.
Register staff promotions.
Registration of training courses for staff.
Provide reports and statistics and studies in the field of human resources that contribute to the growth of the organization.
To provide historical data on employee and easily know the position of data in any specified date.
Registration of jobs available and how to join.
Attendance Of Staff
Permissions Recording
Regural Staff Vacations
Recording Shifts
Penalities and Bonuses
Calculate Annaual Increase
Receive Job Applications From Website
Print, Save PDF, and Send Emails For All Reports
Report Attendance
Report Monthly Bonuses and Penalities